NEWSLETTER - September 2013
Step by step guide for mortgage loan process - for information purposes only 
  1. STEP-How much you can afford and the value of the property.
  2. STEP- how many people want to go on title?
  3. STEP- mortgage application
  4. STEP- choose suitable mortgage product
  5. STEP Collecting documentation
  6. STEP Mortgage submission
  7. STEP Mortgage approval
  8. STEP Review commitment from lender
  9. STEP  Mortgage documents
  10. STEP Mortgage lender instructions
  11. STEP Lawyer

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For information purposes only 

Checklist required mortgage documents for lenders

1. Employment and income verification
Current employment and amount of income such as
Copy of recent pay stub, T4,  T1 general and notice of assessment , letter of employment, previous employment (if required) additional  income source (if any)

2.Basic financials
List of current assets and liabilities, bank account and transit number for payment,

3. Confirmation of down payment
saving or investments statement from within the last 90 days, sale of existing property- a copy of the sale agreement, withdrawal from RRSP through the home buyer ‘s plan, if applicable, gift letter.

4.Property details
A copy of the real estate listing , a copy of the accepted purchase and sale agreement, the property’s full address , including legal description and postal code, property tax estimate, condo fees and heating costs, (usually available on the real estate listing), for rural properties, well and septic certificate, lawyer’s name, address, postal code, telephone and fax number .
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