Bad Credit Mortgages / Difficult Mortgages:

Bad Credit Mortgage

Having bad credit can happen to anyone. We know that even honest, hardworking people can find themselves with bad or bruised credit because of unexpected and unavoidable circumstances in life. It is a common misconception, however, that those with bad or bruised credit cannot get a mortgage, refinance their home, consolidate debt or obtain a home equity line of credit/home equity loan.

The fact is, that an expert mortgage broker/agent who has the proper knowledge and practical ability will be able to obtain a bad credit mortgage, refinance your home, consolidate debt, and obtain for you a home equity line of credit, or home equity loan.

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Difficult Mortgage

No property owner wants to hear the words “difficult mortgage.” Difficult mortgages are not impossible to achieve, they are simple approved differently, and require a different procedure and different presentation.

Having bad credit, or a difficult mortgage situation, is not a permanent roadblock.
We can put you back on the right track by dealing with your bad credit mortgage or difficult mortgage situation.

You need an expert mortgage planning team like Solution Focused Brokers, who have deep mortgage knowledge and access to multiple lenders, which enables us to provide you with easy and fast approvals for bad credit mortgages or difficult mortgages.

We have already helped many clients succeed who were in the following situations:

  • Bad credit or bruised credit
  • Consumer Proposal
  • Past Bankruptcy
  • Lease Default
  • Foreclosure
  • Power of sale
  • Judgement
  • Execution
  • Co-signing Agreement

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