Mortgage Arrears / Property Tax Arrears:

Your home is your biggest asset, so nobody wants to get behind in mortgage arrears and property tax arrears. But it does happen, for many reasons such as sickness, layoff, and other unavoidable life problems, that people will fall behind in their mortgage payments and property tax payments.

If you have fallen behind on your property tax payments the municipality will begin sending out urgent notices for tax arrears payment. If tax arrears payment is not made, the municipality will often register property tax liens and can even force the sale of your home. 

A mortgage is in "arrears" when the borrower is behind on one or more payments. The lender will begin issuing notices for urgent mortgage arrears payment. If payment is still not made, the lender will send the file to a lawyer, who will initiate court procedures.

Unresolved, both mortgage arrears and property tax arrears will cost heavily upon you, with the buildup of legal costs, and other associated expenses such as interest and penalties. It is highly recommended at this point of time that if you have received any urgent notices, that you do not continue waiting otherwise will be even further consequences such as forcing you to vacate your property.

If there is a problem, there is a solution.

  Please speak to one of our arrears specialists who can bring your
mortgage and tax arrears up to date and put you back on track

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