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WHO WE ARE…We are a team of mortgage experts in finding the right mortgage solutions for residential and commercial properties including 1st, 2nd, and 3rd mortgages, home equity loan, private mortgages, debt consolidation and refinance.


We have the practical ability to deal with any situation you may be in, whether you are self-employed, have bad/bruised credit, face power of sale, foreclosure, or mortgage and property tax arrears, or are in any other difficult mortgage situation.

If your goal is to obtain a mortgage loan at the best rate, you certainly have an excellent financial goal. We are experts in residential and commercial mortgages. You have come to the right place.

There are two ways to approach your goal:    

1. Direct approach - Dealing with a bank limits your goal to one product, one rate and no choice, whether it is suitable to your needs or not.

2. Solution focused brokers - Dealing with us means access to multiple lenders and multiple products to choose from. We shop around to find the right mortgage loan at the best possible rate that also meets your individual needs.

Knowledge and Ability

Our deep procedural knowledge ensures easy and fast approval in the mortgage process. We also have the practical ability to help approve mortgage loans whether our client has good, bad or bruised credit, or if there is no verified proof of income.

Right Solution

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all facets of the mortgage industry. This provides us extensive access to the entire market, enabling us to choose the right solution from various lenders and provide you with an innovative mortgage solution.

Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is simple: focus on the solution. Our mortgage planners will take time to understand your individual circumstances, wants, and needs, and recommend the most suitable mortgage solution.

Expert Advice

Solution Focused Brokers are committed to providing our clients unparalleled personal support and expert advice every step of the way. Our ultimate goal is to empower our clients to obtain the right mortgage loan at a great rate to integrate with their overall financial plan, thereby increasing cash flow, lowering monthly payments and maximizing wealth.

100% success

is achieved by clear goals, a strategic plan, and goal oriented solutions. This belief puts Solution Focused Brokers a hundred miles ahead of the rest.

Property Types:

Single family attached/detached, townhouse freehold or condo, apartment condo, cottage, equity participation mortgage, multi-family, mixed use, and small to medium sized commercial and industrial properties.